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Vet Rating Group is a medical transcription service that bridges the gap between licensed Private Medical Providers (“PMP”) and Veterans seeking evaluations for VA Disability Benefits. We assist Medical Providers with the transcription of Disability Benefits Questionnaires (“DBQ’s”), thus ensure the severity of a Veteran’s symptoms are properly conveyed to Medical Providers.

There are numerous free organizations who assist Veterans with their claims; however, some fall short as they do not properly transcribe the Veterans’ symptoms correctly to the VA’s contracted doctors. Thus, resulting in a lower disability rating due to the Veteran not being able to properly express or relay their symptoms correctly.

Far too often Veterans do not receive the full potential of their benefits. Sadly, this results in years of frustration for the Veteran when submitting claims and not being paid all that they are entitled.

If you are frustrated with your current disability rating and do not feel that you have received a proper evaluation, you might benefit from our medical transcription service.

Veterans We Have Served

  • Vet Rating Group, assisted me with my VA package. Within one month, I received a higher VA rating. Since Esteban has favorably assisted a dozen of my friends and former service members commensurate with their disability to achieve maximum VA rating.
    Lester G.
    Navy Seal
  • The services provided by Esteban, Starla, and the medical providers were outstanding. After several years of going at it with the VA on my own, with marginal success, finding Vet Rating Group was a big relief. In less than 7 months my rating was increased to 100%, and on top of that, less than 72 hours after Esteban submitted my claim to the VA, I had my decision and backpay in hand. Up until now, I would not have believed that was possible! Professionalism, attention to detail, privacy, service, value - 5 stars across the board. Thanks for everything Vet Rating Group!
    Timothy V.
  • An amazing group that really goes above and beyond for their veterans. In the six months we worked together I was able to change my family's life forever. Definitely recommend them to any veterans needing help with dealing with the VA. 10 out of 10!
    Kenny P.
  • Vet Rating Group, Esteban, First and foremost I would like to say that without your help, knowledgeable advice and dedication I would not be able to have had a successful VA claim outcome. You really went out of your way to explain the next step in the VA process. I could not have done any of this without you. I highly recommend Vet Rating Group’s team of professionals.
    Kenge, 31
    Retired Navy
  • Great company to deal with, very helpful and knowledgeable. After 13 years of fighting with the VA to get the compensation I deserved they helped me increase my disability rating from 60% to 100% in just 4 months. Mr. Sarkis was always available when I had questions and everything happened exactly like he said it would. I am forever grateful and indebted!
    Tom N.
  • WoW!!! after four years of leaving the military I was at 40% which I thought I was unable to get a higher rating. After working with Sarkis Padres I was able to get 100% rating. This was a easy process which they kept me informed and responded with in hours or answered my calls. This is life changing and thank you to the company.
    John E.
  • I have attempted 4 times over the last 5 years to file a claim to be re-evaluated without success because it is so overwhelming. I called Vet Ratings group and they where the Superman! The process took less than 60 days from start to finish. After the claim was filed, I received a rating in less than 24 hours with a rating decision of 100%. The staff (Starla Aguilla) was awesome! She was thorough, consistent, and dedicated to ensure my intent to file was accurately submitted. I highly recommend this org to all vets and tell everyone that served about them. If you haven't contacted them to work in your behalf already I urge you to do so. They are passionate about helping the veteran get what they deserve!
    Caroline P.
  • Great resource that works hard on behalf of veterans with a service-connected disability. Give them a call if you need their services
    Abu S.

When attempting to increase your disability, you put the fate of your evaluation in the hands of contracted VA Doctors. As you may have experienced with past examinations, many C&P Examiners lack compassion and/or are unwilling to take YOUR WORD as medical evidence, which generally produces an inconsistency between how you reported your symptoms and the rating you received. Using private medical providers who understand the VA claims process and ensuring your symptoms are correctly documented, could result in the proper rating that you deserve.

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